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  • Can OFFICIAL RECRUITS promise my son a football scholarship from a college program?
    No; OFFICIAL RECRUITS cannot promise any player/recruit a scholarship. Only college programs can offer recruits a scholarship. We can put you in the best possible position to receive a scholarship, but we cannot not offer or promise you a scholarship.
  • How does the OFFICIAL RECRUITS membership process work?
    Once a recruit/parent subscribes for membership; they must select the package that best fit your needs. Each package is different and will increase in services depending upon star package selection. Our packages range from 3 star to 5 star. We also have an exclusivity package and team packages. Once you select your package and pay your fee; we will set up an initial consultation. Please understand that all subscriptions will be enrolled in a 12 month automatic payment withdrawal program. The main reason we lock members in for 12 months is because once your player profile passport is created and sent out; the profile works on a 12 month cycle to generate interest and offers
  • Do all Official Recruits members automatically get a OR NIL Award (Official Recruits Scholarship Award)?
    No, our scholarship committee will review applications and vote. Awards are based on Academics, Community service, Application and Funding.
  • Can I up-grade my membership package at anytime during my 12 month agreement?
    Absolutely; a member can up-grade their membership package at anytime.
  • Can I use another recruiting service while I’m using OFFICIAL RECRUITS?
    Absolutely; you are more than welcome to court multiple recruiting services at the same time. We only ask that keep track of all recruiting advice and recruiting movement between the services.
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