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Recruiting Experts

OFFICIAL RECRUITS is a superior platform for athletic recruiting. We provide the student-athlete and their family the ability to have more control over their college decision by providing useful content to make you more informed when making this monumental decision.


We act as a conduit between schools and organizations, bridging the gap between future college athletes and college programs.  Here at OFFICIAL RECRUITS, we aim to assist in kick-starting and promoting emerging football talent to successfully transition to the collegiate level of athletics and academics.


Together our team has over 50 years of recruiting experience. We also carry an extensive list of contacts for college football recruiting departments to position coaches and head coaches spread across D1A, D1AA, DII, DIII, HBCU, NIAI, and JUCO. Our recruiting team is responsible for helping hundreds of high school athletes across the country secure scholarship opportunities. 

Our Approach


OFFICIAL RECRUITS allows you to establish a national profile that will be viewable to national college programs. We also enable the athlete to upload your videos online showcasing your season and career highlights which will assist in enhancing their profile and get them noticed by some of the top college programs in the nation.


OFFICIAL RECRUITS provides targeted exposure to high school athletes with programs nationally. Our platform allows college programs to personally obtain relevant statistics and data analysis of every athlete to assist them and you to see where you stand on their recruitment boards.


Learn the Process


The college recruiting process can be very challenging and with the OFFICIAL RECRUITS platform we assist in the education of the recruiting process with the student-athlete and parents to help boost your visibility on approaches to take in getting recruiters attention.


College Decision


At OFFICIAL RECRUITS our platform's ultimate goal is to ensure your student-athlete gets to the next level to continue their academic and athletic careers by providing you with access to visibility to program information and develop a strategy for the athlete's sports campaign

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