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NIL Award Aplication 

OFFICIAL RECRUITS Requirements for NIL Award Selection Process:

This NIL Award is available for OFFICIAL RECRUITS seniors pursuing a degree at a community college or 4-year college, university. Official Recruits NIL Award are good for 1 year or a 2-semester cycle. Official Recruits NIL Awards will cover program academic fees minus room and board. Student-Athletes are responsible for their own room and board. Students-Athletes must exhibit qualities having college-level athletic abilities, leadership, citizenship, and service. Student-Athletes must also be approved and qualified as a Preferred Walk-On (PWO) with the prospective program. All applicants must be NCAA certified with clearinghouse. All applicants must be an OFFICIAL RECRUITS member in good standing with no late payment history.


Applications must be submitted by graduating seniors only. Application Deadline is January 31, 2023.

Required Documentation


1. Application.


2. Official High School transcript and SAT/ACT achievement scores.


3. Two letters of reference (One must be from a Community Service supervisor).

More Information

1. Do ONE of the following:


a. Show that your school grades have been an average of B or higher (80 percent or higher) for one term or semester.


b. Show that for one term or semester you have improved your school grades over the previous period.


2. Do TWO of the following:


a. Make a list of educational places located where you live (other than schools). Visit one, and report on how you used the place for self-education.


b. With your counselor's and your parent's approval, interview two professionals (other than teachers or other professionals at your school) with established careers. Find out where they were educated, what training they received, and how their education and training have helped prepare them for the career they have chosen. Find out how they continue to educate themselves. Discuss what you find out with your counselor.


c. Using a daily planner, show your counselor how you keep track of assignments and activities and discuss how you manage your time.


d. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods of research available to you for school assignments, such as the library, books and periodicals, and the Internet.


3. Get a note from the principal* of your school (or another school official named by the principal) that states that during the past year your behavior, leadership, and service have been satisfactory.


4. Do ONE of the following:


a. Show that you have taken part in an extracurricular school activity, and discuss with your counselor the benefits of participation and what you learned about the importance of teamwork.


b. Discuss your participation in a school project during the past semester where you were a part of a team. Tell about the positive contributions you made to the team and the project.


5. Do ONE of the following:


a. Write a report of 250 to 300 words about how the education you receive in school will be of value to you in the future and how you will continue to educate yourself in the future.


b. Write a report of 250 to 300 words about two careers that interest you and how specific classes and good scholarships, in general, will help you achieve your career goals.


6. Do ONE of the following:

a. Provide proof that you have a trainer outside of your high school training.


b. Submit a run-down sheet of your daily training regimen.



7. Do TWO of the following:


a. Provide a comprehensive list of football camps you have participated in the past 3 years.


b. Provide a comprehensive list of college programs you have visited in the last 2 years.


c. Write a report of 300 words describing your life as a student-athlete.


d. Write a report of 300 words explaining the difference between commitment and dedication.


Thanks for submitting!

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